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Taking good care of our Guests is very, very important.  So is taking care of our property, ourselves and animals in the best possible manner. We feel it is paramount to tend this property/business in the most responsible manner possible.

What this means to us is responsibly tending our property and business with non-toxic, health building efforts.  This is a huge undertaking, one we have been involved in since the beginning of our time here.

We are the ONLY lodging facility in Sidney Nebraska to be certified "Green" by the Greener Byways Program with the State of Nebraska as well as a Certified Silver Level Green Leader from Trip Advisor. In order to qualify for this, we were verified as participating in numerous activities that contribute to the health of our property/business.

Some, but not all of our efforts include:

Never using routine toxins anywhere on the property!  We use all natural, organic cleaners.  Our bathroom amenities are all made with organic ingredients.  We use paper, not plastic wherever disposables are called for and we are able to source.  Our recycling efforts are ever evolving.  We landscape with native, drought tolerant plants which we try to keep deeply mulched and use soakers not sprinklers wherever possible.  We line dry your sheets if weather allows!  We recycle grey water as allowed.  Low energy light bulbs, either LED or fluorescent are used throughout, and our gazebo is lit by solar lights.  We maintain careful control over utilities here, never allowing an empty refrigerator or a T.V. to run in an un-occupied room.  Our routine maintenance and remodeling efforts are always planned and carried out in the most environmentally thoughtful ways.  We drive into town only once a week most of the time.  On and on it goes, but hopefully you get the idea.

We raise much of our own food and that includes some of what we may feed you.  We use what we call "Traditional Organic" methods to do this.  Basically, we raise food the way it used to be grown way, way back.  No machinery, no chemicals, no waste.  With great care, gentleness, respect and LOTS of hard work.  This encompasses our bees, chickens, ducks, pets,  trees and gardens full of produce and herbs. See our Farm and Garden page for more information and pictures.

We are ever on the look out for ways to make this little drop of heaven be a safer, healthier and happier place on this planet we are responsible to care for.  We are very open to any suggestions you may be able to offer.  This is not just "our place" many of our guests have been staying with us for so long now, they and us, consider this "their home away from home" and we would love to make it "your home away from home".